NIC Teaming in Windows Server 2012

NIC Teaming

Also knows as Network Load Balancing & Failover (LBFO)

Enables multi network adapters on a single server to be grouped into a team


· Ensuring the availability of network connectivity if one adapter fails

· Aggregating network bandwidth across multiple network adapters

NIC teaming supports up-to 32 network adapters in a team & runs in 3 modes

· Static (Generic) Teaming: is based on IEEE 802.3ad draft v1 & supported by most server-class Ethernet switches. It requires manual configuration of the switch & the server to identify which link form the team

· Switch Independent: This mode allows each NIC in a team to connect to different switches

· LACP (Dynamic) Teaming: is based on IEEE 802.1ax and is supported by most enterprise-class switches. It allows teams to be automatically created through the Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP). LACP dynamically identifies links between the server and a specific switch. To use this mode, you generally need to enable LACP manually on the port of the switch.


Go to server manager, select particular server, right click select "Configure NIC Teaming"

Select adapters, right click select "Add New Teaming"

Name the teaming, click OK to complete

Teaming is ready

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